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Negligent Underwriting

Are You In Need of An Expert in Negligent Underwriting?

Do you have a client that is a victim of negligent underwriting? Or are you representing an insurance company that is accused of neglient underwriting? Whether you are representing the plaintiff or the defendant, you want someone with experience that gives an appreciation of the facts from both the Plaintiff’s and Defendant’s views to help uncover truths in complex cases. When it comes to property/casualty insurance, no one has the experience and knowledge that can compare to Bob Gaddis, Complex Insurance Consulting’s principal. Having worked as a property/casualty underwriter and account executive for complex commercial accounts for over 12 years, and with over 36 years litigating issues related to issues, coupled with his engagement as an expert witness in over 75 litigation cases - no other insurance consultants’ around Houston can come close to his. 


Complex Insurance Consulting’s real value comes in his significant experience in three disparate insurance functions, which make up the primary operational functions of all Property/Casualty insurers: Underwriting (Risk Selection); Agency (Marketing/Servicing); and Claims.

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