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Our Insurance Consulting Services in Houston, TX

At Complex Insurance Consulting, we provide both consulting expert and expert witnesses in three main categories: Post-Loss Liability Assessments, Post-Loss Policy Language Assessments, and Complex Premium Conflicts.

Post-Loss Liability Assessments

Our Principal, Mr. Gaddis, has extensive experience with both the business and legal aspects of insurance. He is uniquely qualified to assess post-loss claims to to determine whether not industry professionals fulfilled their obligation to policyholders and that policyholders in turn reasonably handled their responsibilities and communications with the insurance company. In his capacity as an attorney as expert witness,  he has evaluated numerous types of claims, including:

* Companion statutory theories (e.g., Deceptive Trade, Insurance Code, etc.) would typically also be included in most of these theories, but have been omitted for sake of brevity.

Post-Loss Policy Language Assessments

In policies whose wording is deemed ambiguous, in most jurisdictions means that the language relevant to the claim reasonably has two or more interpretations, the policyholder generally has an advantage over the insurer.


Any policy and their endorsement(s) can be written with language that forms a cloud as to the meaning of the relevant insurance policy terms. In most jurisdictions, this is true whether the policy is a form policy approved by a governmental body, or it is a manuscript policy issued by the insurer that does require a governmental body's approval. And, this is particularly true when the policy is complex commercial insurance.


As part of his insurance consulting services, Mr. Gaddis applies his decades of experience in determining whether the wording of a policy's terms and conditions cause two or more reasonable interpretations.

Complex Premium Conflicts

Mr. Gaddis also provides his expertise in assessing conflicts that arise due to the language defining the terms regarding the payment complex premiums. Larger, more complex Property/Casualty policies are often written with retrospective or other loss-sensitive rated premium formulas and adjustments. Or, the language may include premium audit adjustments or other issues that develop from composite rating and Minimum and Deposit premium calculations, among others. While these structures can exist in policies whose premium is $100,000, they typically do not result in sufficient enough conflict to litigate until they reach the $1,000,000 premium level. Call Complex Insurance Consulting to discuss Mr. Gaddis's services as an expert witness.

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