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Credible Insurance Consulting/Testifying Experts

Insurance Consulting Firm in Houston, TX

At Complex Insurance Consulting (CIC), we provide expert witness testimony in cases that require Insurance Policy Language Assessments, Loss Claim Liability Assessments, and Complex Premium Conflicts Assessments. We support attorneys and their clients who are involved in litigation and need insurance consulting services in Houston, TX. Our area of focus is Property/Casualty Insurance lawsuits, and we assist attorneys and their clients in both State and Federal cases. When you are handling insurance litigation, contact us to schedule an appointment at our insurance consulting firm in Houston, TX.


In court, the value of witness testimony depends on the witness's level of credibility with the judge and jury. Our Principal, R.P. "Bob" Gaddis, is rooted in the belief that exceptional education, coupled with exceptional experience, equals exceptional credibility. Mr. Gaddis' education includes a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree, and his experience includes 37 years of practicing insurance law. These qualities give him a rare level of expertise in insurance-related cases.

Consult with an Insurance Claims Expert

Mr. Gaddis's career in Property/Casualty Insurance can be divided into three periods: he has worked in the insurance business, as a practicing attorney, and as an expert witness. For 12 years, Mr. Gaddis worked for an insurance company, first as a commercial underwriter (including cross-training and resource work with claims), then as a commercial agent (including overseeing claim-handling for select claims). Following this experience, he practiced insurance claims litigation since 1983. For the past ten years, he has accepted over 100 engagements as an expert witness.


Mr. Gaddis's extensive experience qualifies him to see complicated insurance matters from all perspectives. Additionally, he has acquired a deep understanding of the language of policies in instances where conflicting interpretations and ambiguity exist. For the above average experience of litigation insurance consulting services, contact our office.

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