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Insurance Premium Dispute

Do You Have An Insurance Premium Dispute?

If you have an insurance premium dispute, you want to make sure that you hire the services of someone who has years of experience and extensive knowledge in assessing premium obligations that can develop from unique and complex premium policy language. In the Houston, TX area, Bob Gaddis is that person. As the principal of Complex Insurance Counseling, his expertise includes, not just years, but DECADES worth of experience in the field of Property/Casualty insurance. This type of expertise is a rarity and only 1% of insurance consultants have the knowledge to handle large, and complex, property/casualty accounts like Bob Gaddis. 


If you are representing a client who is involved in a complex insurance case regarding an insurance premium dispute, and need an expert witness with DECADES of experience, call Complex Insurance Consulting. No one has the type of talent that their firm offers. 

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