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Defective Construction Coverage Expert

Complex Insurance Consulting - The Defective Construction Coverage Expert That You Want By Your Side

When it comes to a dispute regarding defective construction coverage, you want to make sure that you hire a defective construction coverage expert who has experience dealing with complex cases to testify as an expert witness. In Houston, TX, there is no one, whose credentials and expertise in the field of property/casualty insurance, compares to Bob Gaddis, principal of Complex Insurance Consulting. His real value is in the level of expertise that he brings to the table. The reason why he named his company Complex Insurance Consulting, is because he only adheres to complex insurance cases. 


Smaller and less complex cases appeal to consultants with lesser credentials. Complex Insurance Complex only deals with complex cases and with the credentials that Bob Gaddis has, Complex Insurance Consulting is the defective construction coverage expert that you want by your side. 


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