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Insurance Claims Expert

Insurance Claims Expert Can Provide Incredible Support

When it comes to proving loss, responsibility, or coverage, there is no doubt that this is a complex area of insurance. It is even more complex when the claim goes to court for clarity or litigation. In this situation, it helps to have an insurance claims expert who can work closely with you to determine what your bottom line is and to support you as you try to prove your case. At Complex Insurance Consulting, we provide this type of support to our clients and much more.


Our principal, Attorney Gaddis, has spent his career in the insurance industry as well as 34 years practicing law. As a result, he is an outstanding support for you when it comes to this type of litigation. Since 2009, he has served as an expert witness in 75 litigation cases. When there is any question about the legality of your legal matter, work with our team to determine the best possible outcome. With a history of managing complex cases, he can offer the insight you need as an insurance claims expert.

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