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Insurance Agent E&O

Insurance Agent E&O Help

Claims of errors and omissions continue to grow. When you are faced with the need for insurance agent E&O support, it is important to reach out to a provider that has ample experience and a professional that can guide you through the legal process with the expert information and insight you need. At Complex Insurance Consulting, our team is led by Attorney Gaddis. With his 46 years of industry experience, he is the go-to provider for support in this area.


With insurance agent E&O support, you can gain more confidence in moving your case forward. When factors such as breach of contract, coverage, or negligence are concerns, work with Attorney Gaddis to gather the information and insight needed for proper decisions to be made. For the last 10 years, he has worked closely with attorneys and their clients in over 75 litigation cases to provide complex insurance breakdown and expert witness statements to help clarify matters for a court of law.

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