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Bad Faith Insurance Claim

Complex Insurance Consulting - Your Experts in Bad Faith Insurance Claims

When it comes to disputing bad faith insurance claims, you want expertise and knowledge by your side. In the field of property/casualty insurance in regards to complex cases, there is no other name synonymous with expertise and knowledge than Complex Insurance Consulting in Houston, TX. Complex Insurance Consulting is headed by Bod Gaddis. Mr. Gaddis has been actively practicing law for over 36 years, in which he has been primarily focused on litigating issues regarding issues. That, along with his 12 years experience in insurance underwriting, makes Complex Insurance Consulting your ideal consulting company for insurance expert opinions.


Complex Insurance Consulting has a great understanding of the customs and practices of the insurance agency. So, if there is any question on what constitutes bad faith insurance claims in a complex insurance case, you can count on Complex Insurance Consulting to act as a testifying expert witness.

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