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Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance Is Not Always Easy to Understand

As you take into consideration the wide range of ways a company needs to be able to protect their business, commercial property insurance is one of the foundations of that protection. What happens when a claim goes unpaid by an insurance company? In other situations, insurance companies themselves may be battling litigation related to nonpayment of a claim due to fraud or other concerns. 


When a commercial property insurance claim makes it to a courtroom, attorneys and their clients often need to get support and expert testimony from an industry expert. Attorney Gaddis has spent 46 years in the industry and has spent 34 of those years practicing law, which makes him more technically sophisticated than 98% of insurance consultants out there. In many ways, he can provide the information and support you need to prove your claim and to give you peace of mind when it comes to legal matters surrounding complex insurance matters.

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