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Liability Assessment

Complex Insurance Consulting - Your Number One Source for Liability Assessment for the Most Complex Cases

Mr. Gaddis, prinicipal of Complex Insurance Consulting in Houston, TX, has worked extensively in the Property and Casualty insurance industry. Starting in the insurance industry in 1971, he found great success as an underwriter for an international insurance company handling major accounts. He later shifted his focus to obtaining his law degree, which he received in 1982, and has over 36 years exerience as an insurance attorney, and has engaged as an expert witness in over 75 complex cases.

From determining whether or not insurance industry professionals have acted in a way to fulfill their responsibilities to policyholders, to the assessment of reasonableness of conduct of policyholders in their handling of their own insurance responsibilities relative to post-loss claims - his experience and knowledge makes him uniquely qualified to handle any post-loss liability assessments for the most complex cases. 

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