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Litigation Support Specialist

Call Complex Insurance Consulting If You Are In Need of a Litigation Support Specialist

Complex Insurance Consulting’s principal, Mr. Gaddis, has been actively practicing law, most notably, in matters regarding property/casualty insurance for over 36 years and have litigated hundreds of cases from start to finish. This, coupled with his 12 years of experience in insurance underwriting makes him the perfect litigation support specialist Because of his expertise, he is considered to be a  litigation support specialist in complex insurance matters. Many attorneys that are involved in complex insurance cases seek his expert opinion. So if you are in need of a litigation support specialists around Houston, make sure to contact Complex Insurance Consulting.


Complex Insurance Consulting in Houston, TX, Complex Insurance Consulting (“CIC”) provides assistance to attorneys and their clients as consulting and testifying expert witnesses in the field of Property/Casualty insurance. The scope of the work provided is purposely limited to three core areas: Post-Loss Liability Assessment, Post-Loss  Policy Language Assessment, and Complex Premium Obligations.


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