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Oilfield Insurance Expert

Are You In Need of An Oilfield Insurance Expert?

When you need an oilfield insurance expert in Houston, TX, call Complex Insurance Consulting. From oilfield insurance, defective construction coverage, to windstorm insurance - Complex Insurance Consulting provides a full range of expert witness services for the field of property/casualy insurance in complex cases. The principal of Complex Insurance Consulting is a well-renowned oilfield insurance expert with over 46 years of experience. Throughout the years, he has provided attorneys with expert witness services to uncover the truth in over 75 litigation cases relating to insurance, focusing on Agents' Errors and Omissions (E&O), insurance coverage, and business conflicts in various aspects of the insurance industry.


So, if it is an oilfield insurance expert that you need, you can be sure that Complex Insurance Consulting has you covered. Many attorneys can benefit from the expertise that Mr. Gaddis has to offer, so take advantage of his expertise today. His credentials will make any opposing attorney look soberly at going against my opinion.

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