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Attorney Testifying As Expert Witness

Why Is an Expert Witness So Important?

In many legal situations, especially those regarding complex insurance claims and coverage, it is quite difficult to point out right and wrong or fault easily. In many legal cases, these matters are complex, and breaking them down to make them easy to understand can prove to be hard to do. Yet, with the help of an expert witness, it is possible to gain more insight and to clarify a variety of topics and facts that may be valuable in your case.

At Complex Insurance Consulting in Houston, TX, our principal, Attorney Gaddis, is available to help you in your case by serving as an expert witness. With experience that includes over 36 years as an attorney litigating insurance law cases and serving as an expert witness for over 75 litigation cases that involved insurance conflict, no more than 1% of insurance consultants can provide the legal expertise that he can offer.  

If you are an attorney who needs an expert witness in the field of Property/Casualty insurance, you better call Complex Insurance Consulting.

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