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Attorney Gaddis

Why Should Attorneys Work with Attorney Gaddis?

In legal matters related to complex insurance cases, having expert insight and support from a professional with years of experience in that industry can prove to be invaluable. Attorney Gaddis is a legal professional with years of experience to bring to the table to support any type of litigation related to the insurance industry. As the primary principal at Complex Insurance Consulting in Houston, TX, he is available to support attorneys and others.

There are many reasons to work with Attorney Gaddis. Among them are experience and a solid reputation. Since 2010, he has provided expert witness services in more than 75 litigation cases, helping attorneys to prove their case and to ensure accurate information is always available. With 34 years of law practice experience, he understands the ins and outs of the legal profession and is happy to support your efforts in proving any complex insurance situations.

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